How To Naturally Lighten Your Hair At Home: Remedies For Every Hair Color


How To Naturally Lighten Your Hair At Home: Remedies For Every Hair Color

Summer is almost here and if you want that sun kissed blonde look but don’t want to damage your hair or pay hundreds of dollars then these at home remedies will be great for you. The items in these mixtures can be easily found at a grocery or health food store.  If you are on a budget then you will love these ways to lighten your hair since you will not spend more than $15.00.

Dark Shade Of Blonde/Light Shade of Brown

What You’ll Need:

  • Lemon juice
  • Spray bottle (12oz)
  • Water
  • Sunshine

Step #1: Fill up the spray bottle half way with lemon juice.

Step #2: Fill the remaining half of the bottle with water. (This is optional depending on how strong you want the mixture to be- I use water)

Step #3: Spray your hair. Do not over spray or spray your scalp. Apply the mixture as if you were applying hair spray.

Step #4: Go outside and let you hair dry in the sun.

I would not recommend staying out in the sun for more than an hour and a half. You do not want to over expose your hair. You can leave the lemon juice in your hair overnight but I usually wash it out at the end of the day. The lemon juice does bleach your hair and cause some dryness so be sure to condition and moisturize your hair before and after trying this.

Note: You can substitute lemon juice with lime juice. Same cost & result.

If you are looking for a less harsh alternative to lemon juice you can use chamomile tea to lighten your hair as well.

What You’ll Need:

  • Chamomile tea
  • Spray bottle (12oz)
  • Sunshine

Step #1: Brew some chamomile tea and fill up your spray bottle.

Step #2: Spray you hair until it is damp, make sure not to over spray (you do not want your hair soaking wet)

Step #3: Go outside and lay out in the sun.

This method is not as damaging as the lemon juice and you do not have to worry about over exposing your hair.

Note: You can boil chamomile flowers in place of brewing the tea and achieve the same results.

Darker Shades Of Hair

Lightening darker hair can be tricky because you risk your hair turning orange instead of blonde. Before trying this I would recommend testing out a smaller portion of your hair. Since this highlighting technique is for dark hair it is much stronger than the two listed above so it should work better for darker shades of hair. It might take a few times out in the sun to get the “beach babe” look you are going for.

What You’ll Need:

  • 3 pieces of rhubarb
  • blender
  • spray bottle (120z)
  • lemon juice
  • water
  • sunshine

Step #1: Take the 3 pieces of rhubarb, blend them, and drain the juice into the spray bottle. Fill up 1/3 of the spray bottle.

Step #2: Fill another 1/3 of your spray bottle with lemon juice and the remaining 1/3 with water.

Step #3: Shake the mixture well.

Step #4: Spray hair until damp, again do not over spray.

Step #5: Go out in the sun. (I recommend 30 minutes)

Step #6: Rinse mixture out of hair. Condition & towel dry.

Adding the rhubarb to lemon juice make the bleaching mixture much stronger.

Any Shade Of Hair

What You’ll Need:

  • Honey
  • Conditioner
  • Bowl

Step #1: Fill your bowl half with conditioner and the other half with honey. Mix well.

Step #2: Apply the mixture to your hair as if you were applying shampoo. Leave in hair for 30 minutes.

Step #3: Wash out of hair and towel dry.

Honey is an awesome, non-damaging, natural way to lighten your hair at home.

All of the remedies above are all natural and cost effective, not to mention fun!


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  • Smashing Pumpkins

    My mother never really trained me how to get proper care of my skin, hair, and nails, so I’m wondering what routine actions i must do to help keep my hair grow strong, soft and glossy, my nails healthy, and my skin blemish free and soft. I am a novice so any assistance is appreciated. I had been told avacados and egg inside your shampoo helps, but I am unsure about putting food there. What must I do every single day to help keep myself healthy?

    Also, I lost lots of weight lately, and I’m wondering what (besides skin lotions) I possibly could use to get rid of stretch marks. Natural treatments could be appreciated. Thanks greatly! :)

  • Agent 77

    I have dark blonde hair and my friend has light brown hair, does lemon juice work to lighten it? (i heard some bad things about it) does honey work? what would you recommend we use? we want quite instant results but not too light, i don’t want it to dry out our hair? so which ways best and how do you use it? also i cant get anything to expensive or exotic, thankyou:)

  • Kobe

    i need a fast natural way to strip the color from my hair , or just lighten it
    my natural hair color is a darkish blonde , and i have dyed it dark brown 4 times
    but i have only ever dyed it using semi permanent hair dye , which my hair seems to stay in my hair far longer then its supposed to .
    the last time i dyed my hair dark brown i didnt go to the hair salon and used a home dye . it was only supposed to stay in for 28 washes , but its now been about 12 weeks and my hair is still dark brown !

    so i need a natural way that i can strip this color from my hair , or just any way i can do it at home ,and that wont cause to much damage to my hair. i cant get to a store soon , so just any home remedies that i can try .

  • XLittle21Yaox

    Okay, I’m already very pale. I use the lightest shades of makeup, and even then most of the time they are too dark. But I want to look white. Like paper white. I already wear SPF 110 and put lemon juice on my skin to naturally bleach it. No, I’m not one of those Twilight fans that want to become pale because I want to look like a vampire. I just like to stand out. And I find pale skin very attractive. So, any advice?

  • Balinderk2000

    Temporary dye sucks. I went light brown, to medium, to nutmeg (HUGE MISTAKE). I want to lighten it, and I’ve tried just about every home remedy in the book. I’m a strawberry blonde naturally, and it is coming back, especially in my roots and underneath. Will going to a professional to strip out the remaining dye be okay?
    It was Clairol Natural Instincts if that makes any difference? It says no ammonia or bleaching agents.

  • Davemc74656

    Allright so this is what happened,
    I wanted something new and I’ve always wanted to be a blonde. I have black hair with natural red hi lights. My friend bleached my hair and well. It’s a light brown with brighter blonde yellow white roots. They all say I can Rock it but I don’t want to. My hair isn’t shitty looking but it definentlly got fried like all hairs would. How can I fix this quickly? I’m getting a hair cut tomorrow plus going over it with blonde dye to get rid of the weird light brown orange look out. But is there any treatments or home remedies or anything any advice you can share with me to helping my hair go back to silky smooth and nice again without having to wait so long? That’s my first dilemma.

    My second dilemma would be do you think I could get my hair to blonde? Or should I just stop now and dye it some other color? I don’t want browns. At all./: what else is there besides red which us becoming way too trendy? I can send you pics to the kind persons that are willing to help me out

  • Heath

    I have naturally really dark brown hair but I want to dye it like a light brown color do I have to bleach it? Cause I really don’t want to bleach my hair cause it will just damage it. Is there any other way I could do it ?

  • Xbox Gamer

    I’m going to show my girlfriend this to keep her busy and leave me be while I play video games ha ha

  • Stingerms

    So my hair colour is medium brown but it gets light brown near the sun.
    But I want to get really light brown hair.Some people say that you should get
    a dark or medium blonde colour to turn it light brown bt I’m scared if it turns into a orangish colour:/
    Do you know what shade I should ge to achieve light brown hair?? if so what colour shade and what brand thanks.And please don’t tell me to get it professionally done in a salon because I don’t have one near me and it costs a lot of money.

  • Nathan

    Hi, I’m really stressed right now about getting my natural hair colour back, I’ve tried almost everything, and I seen this video on youtube, its a girl using stuff from her home to strip the hair dye out of her hair, to get her natural colour back, she uses bicarbonated soda, mixed with either head and shoulders shampoo or lemon fairy liquid, and puts It on her hair leaves it on her hair for 30 mins and washes it off, does any one think it might work, or has any one ever tried it and has it worked? Please please let me know, coz I want to try it, if it doesn’t work does anyone know anything I can try from home to mix together (home remedies) or buy to get my natural hair colour back, please please help me :) thank you

  • Llb443

    Im just a teenager and i have dark armpits. I was wondering if calamansi is safe for me to use? And what are other ways i can whiten my underarms. i need my armpits to be whitened in 7 months. HELP?

  • Jairo

    The past 2 years I’ve continued to dye my hair a very dark brown color with the 28 shampoo washings hair dye, about every 2 months. My roots stopped getting darker when I dyed it last so now the roots are a very light brown, almost dirty blonde, and my ends are dark brown.
    Are there any natural ways or home remedies that are healthy that anyone knows of that would help my ends get lighter to match my roots better?
    Thanks :)

  • Easton j

    Okay before anyone tells me I should be happy with what i’ve got, I don’t want to lighten my whole face – just my upper lip.
    There isn’t any hair there, my skin is just naturally darker there and i’m sick of fixating over it all the time.
    I’ve tried lemon and milk and sun scream for months at a time, but I got nothing.
    I don’t want to damage my skin but I do want to see some results,
    does anyone know any creams I could buy that definetly work?
    or if I try and use lemon again, could you give me tips – how often should I use it? How should I apply it? How long before I see some result? I think I might have been doing that wrong…

    by the way, I have asian skin, but i’m not that dark!
    thankyou in advance! :)

  • Myles

    I have only seen the gorgeous beach waves on lang hair? How does it look on shoulder length hair?
    Anyone have any pics?

  • Andresumoza

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  • Sriram R

    Im going on vacation this summer. I wanna go to florida but i dont know which beach to visit. Im 20 and my gf is 19. I want to know what beach would you guys recommend. I want something more northern florida. im coming from NC. But i would like to know the best beaches in florida.

  • Mistry

    I only want to stay a couple days on the beach…I don’t have much money so I’m looking to just go to a campsite for a couple hours sleep. Was also planning on bringing a few beers to drink on the beach, but have noticed that some beaches don’t allow drinking…I just don’t know where to go!

  • Balinderk2000

    I wish to got married on the beach however i never really done any traveling to be aware what the lovliest beach is incorporated in the US. The hawaiian islands are too costly so anywhere on top of that.

  • Willie

    Also from Lengthy Beach, how lengthy will it take to get at:

    Seal Beach

    Manhattan Beach

    Dockweiler Beach

    Marina Del Rey

    Thanks ahead of time.

  • Mmminja

    Im marriage in 8 several weeks and that i have to start planning! how must i start planning my beach wedding? Exactly what do people do in the wedding ceremonies? what are a few things required for a marriage? Help?

  • Mrankinmatt

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  • Zack Faria

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  • SKATEskum

    I’m thinking about tossing a seaside party in Wildwood Nj for springbreak. How would you react to really make it the very best party. Should you had a seaside party what have you do, and just how made it happen go? We should also jump on a couple of rides in the Pier, so im attempting to squeeze that inside too. Any idea will act as lengthy since it’s reasonable.

  • Mike

    I’m planning to take a holiday towards the Italian Riviera. All plane tickets visit Genoa, so I’m wondering what’s the nearest beach turn to Genoa, as Yes, it is really a port city and you will find no beaches there. And just how will i reach that nearest beach? While not to be the nearest I really had San Remo in your mind. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Nothin_nyce1

    I am picturing quite a, picture publish-card town around the sea having a nice public beach that lies between Santa Barbara and North Park. A genuine beauty towards the eye. Are you able to think about a California beach town that matches this description?

  • Whites are not the only racists

    I’m looking for help planning for a beach trip with my father. What exactly are a chuckle things you can do as i am at Carolina Beach? I’m going there by 50 percent several weeks with my father in my 23rd birthday. Can there be any r / c lower at Carolina Beach play beach music? And may you allow me advice for remaining at Carolina Beach Condition Park campground? Just how much will it cost to remain there for five days from 4-15 to 4-19 with 2 persons? And something more factor. Must you pay to obtain around the beach at Fort Fisher Condition Entertainment area? I’m so happy which i get to visit the shore! Please assist me with my beach trip!

  • TommyKay

    My buddies and that i are searching to visit an outerbanks beach this summer time. What’s the best beach with nice hotels to party? Not counting myrtle beach that is in sc


    I have not visited the shore during the cold months before. I have only experienced the summer time after i went barefooted! We are travelling by the pool soon. Do everyone have suggestions of the items I’m able to put on? Thanks!

  • Sethburger

    We’re both 15 and we will the shore tomorrow and I’m wondering what some romantic items to on the beach are? P.S We’re happening the shore mid day so sunrise and sunset watching doesn’t seem possible.

  • Maggie

    Sunday we visited the shore, beautiful day and examine. Then along comes a household and creates their beach shelter before us through the water, ruining our view. Then along comes another a little further along and will the same. There have been many animal shelters by the pool, but many use their heads and hang up support the shore a little so they won’t spoil peoples sights. Can there be any law to prevent people obstructing our view.

  • Easton j

    We take our 17 month-old to Pawleys Island, SC in a few days and I’m wondering exactly what the best beach was in the region. I am searching for a pleasant, clean beach with very little traffic. Also, we’re remaining a couple of miles in the sea so it might be nice to possess a car park close to the beach. Any suggestions?

  • Jason

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  • Toysruslover

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  • MexicanDude

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  • Everythingisgonnabefine

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  • Kevin

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  • Happyha31

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  • Timq3dimensionscom

    I have beach grass in my yard that I am researching, but I can’t find any sources. It dies over the winter, but now little green blades are shooting up through it like there’s nothing dead there. Can anyone give me any sites or straight info on beach grass?

  • John

    I’m going to show my wife this, I’m tired of her always using that other stuff that fries her hair.

  • Stephen m

    Is there any backpackers close to the beach which is close to the airport?

  • Colingrillo

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  • JDOGG1122

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  • Sethburger

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    Anyone ever stay in one such as the one I am describing?

  • Paul M

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  • Salam

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  • Mendhak

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  • Coffee t

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    Thanks in advance.

  • Nasty1

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  • Jon P

    Specifically Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos please. I normally just chuck a towel down but I fancy a lounger & parasol this year. Thanks.

  • Che-che

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    Can it be used to travel up to 4 miles if necesarry?

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    I live in Alabama, Birmingham. I really want to have a beach wedding. I plan on having it somewhere in Florida seeing how it has the closest beaches. I just want it simple, being at the beach is gorgious enough in my opinion! I plan on having nice chairs, not metal ugly ones, a few ribbons, an arch, some fake flowers, don’t want em to wilt! I understand getting people down there might be a problem, gas! Im planning on getting married in April 2011.

  • Michael

    My boyfriend and I are going to be in Manhattan next week and we’d like to go to a beach one day. Neither of us have been there so we really have no idea what to do or where to go. We’ll be using public transportation and don’t want to spend hours getting anywhere. Does anyone have any tips on a good beach near Manhattan that wouldn’t be too difficult to get to? Any information is much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Everythingisgonnabefine

    I found a way to get beachy hair waves but im at my friends house at the beach and idont have a spray bottle. I really wanna do the beachy hair style cause i’m at the beach ya knw? so what can I used instead of a spray bottle?

  • Kass9191

    I know that spray starch works best on damp clothes, but I don’t know if misting dry fabric with a water spray bottle until it’s damp will be equally effective. Has anyone tried this or does anyone know if this is a bad idea?

    I don’t want to have to wet the fabric again and put it through the dryer or wait for it to dry until damp before ironing and spray starching it.

  • Gamer959

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  • DuckieM10

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    But my mom won’t let me because she said that the bleach will ruin the metal in the spray bottle. But doesn’t that only happen if you leave the bleach in the bottle for a long period of time?

    Any answers will help! Thanks!

  • Zack Faria

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  • Fattiemanny

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    Short of cleaning the bottle from inside out and changing water frequently, is there anything you can put in the water to prevent moss from growing and at the same time not destroy my hair when I spray my hair with the water?

  • Brendan O

    I have an 8 month old kitten who just doesn’t seem to get the picture. She is currently dripping water because of her antics. She is not allowed on the counter, and she mostly gets that (cat feet go in the cat box and therefore should not be anywhere around my food.) So that sort of explains the issue with the tables too. Her favorite place to play, much to my boyfriend’s dismay, is on top of his flatscreen tv. She climbs on it, walks back and forth across the top and the bigger she gets, the bigger of a panic attack he has whenever he sees her do it and the more the tv teeters back and forth when she’s on it. We’re both terrified she’s going to knock it over while we’re at work and hurt herself or our other cat.

    She did live with another family briefly before she came to us, and they used the spray bottle along with the “psst!” sound and she responded really well and I’m not sure exactly happened when she came to live with us, but it was almost like a complete backslide into total disobedience. I know she’s a cat and they don’t “obey” by nature, but still. A little is normal. I’ve heard that making a lot of noise works to deter them, but I’ve tried that, and she just gives me funny looks and isn’t bothered in the least. Since I got home not even an hour ago, she has been sprayed at least 15 times for climbing on top of the tv. I’ve literally spent almost 20 minutes typing this because I keep having to go chase her off the television.

    I have made VERY sure that we are consistent in her discipline and that she has cat toys (and toys that she has decided are cat toys) to keep her busy and we also have another cat that she loves to chase up and down the house, even though she is generally just met with hisses and not generally very much playtime.

    I love my kitten, and I want her to behave and I’m 100% willing to put in the work for the reward, but they just don’t have kitten obedience classes and I’m at my wits end.

  • Milk84

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  • Rishi

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  • Ryan Dunn

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  • Denali

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  • EzioAuditore1459

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    BTW, any other god ways to reduce spot scars?

  • Joe M

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    Is this true?
    And if so how does it work/what do you do to and how much do you put on?

  • Nathan

    Someone told me that soaking your hair in lemon juice is the same treatment a salon gives you to strip your hair of build-up. I’m just wondering if this is true and if so, how do I go about doing this? How long do I leave the juice in my hair before washing it out and does it matter what type of shampoo I use to wash it out? My hair is already dry, would this treatment make it worse? I’m a natural blonde and over time, my hair gets a dingy look to it. I’m hoping this may be the ‘cure’ for that.

  • Homerliveshere

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  • Orbit

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  • Sick_mick_101

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  • Blake

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  • Harry

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  • Agent 77

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  • Thinkthought

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  • Superdork

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  • Joevsyou

    Looking for a ranked list of the most-used beaches in the USA.

  • Thomas A

    I was in South Beach, Miami this summer and I loved it..water was warm, clean…only complaint is no waves…but still nice…

    I’m thinking of going to California next summer….what are the beaches like there? I heard the water’s a lot colder than Florida…any suggestions on which places in particular in Cali?

  • Jdubdoubleu7704

    I’m going to spend a couple days in Florida next week. My boyfriend wants to go to Port St. Joe (about an hour east of Panama City, FL). Does anyone out there know of any beautiful, “hidden” beaches around that area—-fort walton, panama city, mexico beach, port st. joe area? I just want to find something less touristy and less commercial. I really want to find a small hotel by the beach, but not a big, chain resort.

    Any suggestions?

  • Ray D

    Most resorts in Aruba are located along Palm and Eagle Beach…I only know that Palm beach is north of Eagle Beach, but are there any other differences? Like hotel price? Beauty? or does one have more clubs and drinking then the other? Thanks, I’m very curious!!!

  • Rishi

    Does seal beach in california have fire pits, if not which beach would have fire pits for a bond fire,

  • Krow147

    Does anyone know of good beaches in Lagos? Also I am curious is the beach water there muddy brown or is it pretty. I only imagine that the beach there is all mud.

  • Cupcakerum

    Where are india white beach?(other than andaman)

  • Sir fliesalot

    Why is this that sandy beaches are wider and flatter than shingle beaches

  • Miguel M

    what are the names of the beach movies with annette funicello and frankie avalon. hopefully in order.

  • Lildevilgurl152004

    I don’t need any frills, just an awesome (preferably foreign) beach to relax on. What is the cheapest place to go INCLUDING the airfare to get there? (I am in Arizona).

  • Timq3dimensionscom

    can u name the worlds most nicest beaches

  • Fattiemanny

    Are they polluted Florida Beaches like Daytona Beach,Fort Lauderdale,Miami Beach,The Keys,Naples,All the West Coast of Florida,The East Coast of Florida…All Florida Beaches!!1 Are they dark water,polluted murky water ??Thanks! Have a nice day !

  • Whitesoxfan2347

    which beach has the most scenery and the most excitement

  • Marlon P

    I am searching for hotels which must be nearest to beaches so that I can enjoy there.

  • Cole

    Which beach is better.I’ve already been to pensocola and i don’t wanna go again, but i really liked pensocola the sand and everything is clean and i have a condo though, but i’m also thinking of going to myrtle beach? Which beach is better?

  • Terrence

    from the ones ive gone to i would say jones beach which one do u think>?

  • Tefa_96

    What are some of the best beaches on the east side of florida. It has to be kid-friendly and i am looking for one that is a little more secluded the say, Daytona Beach. Also looking for one that isn’t to far from Orlando. Thanks!

  • Liza

    what is a beach?
    useses of beach?
    which is the longest beach?
    about beach?
    name of the beaches in tamil nadu?

  • Duke

    I live in L.A. and I want to host a beach bonfire party. What is the closest beach to this area that has fire pits avaiable. if you have information about how you reserve it please include

  • Turg143

    Does Long Beach have a beach or is it just the name of the city?
    Long Beach, CA

  • Brendan O

    is sebastian beach a nice beach for parents and kids?

  • Nathan B

    ive never really been to any of the beaches

  • Disrae

    Swim in a pool????
    If Beach…tell me your favorite beach!

  • LN13

    is there any beach in nj where I can grill a steak ON THE BEACH?

  • Ademuth93

    what are the beaches in ny or on the outskirts beside jones and orchard?

  • Crzyinluv

    i just got home from the beach and it was so beautiful, i live in the north coast of queensland australia

  • David

    I’m writing a short story and need a made up beach resort in Malibu. Any ideas? Something that sounds like it would actually be a resort.

  • Erfan

    im just wondering what your favorite song is that reminds you of the beach.

  • Gundown64

    does san luis obispo have a beach EX: san luis obispo beach or if not what beach is near??

  • Nmlpc

    What’s the closest beach to Gainesville Florida


    I acquired close to a gallon total of Real Lemon Juice. I have decided to collect ideas as what to do with it, that I could make Christmas presents out of it. I Don’t need lemonade, but if you have any tried and true recipes that use lemon juice, please share with me. Thanks!

  • ShahedC

    Compare and contrast beach and library

  • The Inc

    What are nice beaches I can go to to swim and relax in the LA area? I’m going on vacation there soon and want to visit the beaches.

  • Ericmreitz

    Ok i live in greenvill sc and im wondering what beaches are good other than myrtle beach, and charlston willing to go on a 10-15 hour drive at most any opinions

  • Homerliveshere

    My Family wants to go to a beach in either North or South Carolina. They want it to be a Nice Beach, and not be to crowded. We want to go over Spring Break. (My Family Consists of: My mom, dad, my sister (18), and me. (15) ) My Sister and I shop frequently together. So, a beach with a few tourist shops would be nice. We’ve already been to Hilton Head Island, and we love it. But lately, it’s been getting too crowded. Any new ideas about beaches we could go to?

  • John

    list of all beaches in nj that allow or may need a permit for bonfires or bbq on the beach.

  • Thexbox360player

    Or is it the same like Galveston. What about South Padre Island? Good beach?

  • Roar me R

    Anyone know of any fun family beaches on the Atlantic side of Florida?

  • Random


  • Sir fliesalot

    Do you know any beach resorts in anda pangasinan?

    pls give contact numbers. thanks

  • Cpt Excelsior

    I have been on a diet for about two months now. Eating right and exercising. I have noticed a huge change in how I feel inside and out. Even starting to see changes in how I look. I have been loosing weight slow enough for my body to bounce back as much as it can. But I do want to speed it up just a little bit faster. like 1-3 pounds more per month. I heard of this Lemon Juice diet. Well there are a few kinds.
    1: Take a shot of pure Lemon Juice after the meal with the most fat in it.
    2: Drink Lemon water after the meal with the most fat in it.
    3: Take a shot of pure Lemon Juice after every meal and snack.
    There are more. But I took them out because drinking only Lemon water for like a month doesn’t sound very healthy to me. All the above are similar and don’t involve me starving myself for a month. So my questions are.
    1: Does this really work?
    2: If it does, what choice would you suggest?
    Thank you.

  • Clayton Cottrell

    I heard that lemon juice gets rid of scars from so many websites and dermatologists.

    After applying the lemon juice on your scars are you supposed to wash it off with water or keep it on overnight? Has anyone tried it, if so did it work for you?

  • Stephen m

    Do i just put it on by itself, or do i have to add something. How exactly does Lemon Juice work in fighting acne anyway?

    Also, should i use Lemon Juice from fresh lemons or should i just buy some in a bottle.


  • Cliffy N

    does lemon juice really work if u want ur hair to be dye naturally? cuz i want 2 get my hair dye naturally? and do u get the lemon juice from lemon or u buy it at somewhere? thanks

    o yea im asian so does it work naturally?

  • Xbox Gamer

    I have started drinking lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach 2 weeks ago. I squeezed the fresh lemon into 300 ml cold water, and then drink it all at once. Everything was fine. But this morning, I used the concentrate lemon juice (bought from supermarket in a small bottle). I drank it all, and then had my breakfast. After 40 min, my stomach was extremely painful at the mean while I had a dairy problem.

    I am wondering can I drink lemon juice any more on an empty stomach??

  • Davemc74656

    i read online that lemon juice will rid acnce overnite is it true cuz i dont wanna mess my skin up

  • Kevindiking67verizonnet

    Lemon juice is supposed to help blackheads, I think. Would it be good to put on some lemon juice on my nose and forehead after using pore strips? Then maybe some lotion? I ran out of my acne lotion stuff:[ Any suggestions on what to use on clean pores? Would regular lotion or aloe vera be good? Thanks!:]

  • Simply complicated

    So im asking here on which is better to put on your face, honey or lemon juice? I tried lemon juice a few weeks but i got alittle scared when my sister it has acide [which i knew] and it might damage your skin [i didnt know THAT part]. Then i stopped. So if i do put honey on my face what are the advantages? And what are the advantages of lemon juice? I kind of want to lighten my face although im like… caramel colored, but i just want to see if anything actually works. Please dont say anything negative >_<

  • Mrankinmatt

    I have freckles I want to fade because they’re gross. But they aren’t the normal cute freckles you’d usually think of that are clustered around your nose and cheeks. Mine are just spots randomly placed on my face.
    Which is is the best way to fade these kinds of freckles? I read when using lemon juice for the normal kinds of freckles you just spread it all over your face, but I don’t need to fade my whole face…
    Should I just put the lemon juice straight on my freckles/spots as best I can or should I add in honey and other stuff to make it thicker?
    Thanks for you time and answers.

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